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“TECH IN TEAM SPORT” ft Matthew Brown (Paris St Germain)

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  1. Lerma Hilario

    Nice to be part of the event!

  2. Lerma Hilario

    Nice to be part of the webinar!

  3. Gregory martin

    Happy to join

  4. Ayush

    Want to learn how to use it to improve sprinting kinetics


    i like your webinars- good job-keep me posted-your e certs are nice way to encourage

  6. Jay Prakash Pandey

    I believe this webinar going to be one of best webinar till now because participants are going to acquire lots of knowledge with this. All three are awesome but cricket coaches will be benefitted with the knowledge of steff Jones wonderful bio mechanic specialist. Thanx for giving me opportunity to attend this wonderful webinar.

  7. Nilesh Naik

    Excited for the begning for strength and conditioning by Joseph Dollcetti,to know the science behind the speedof the ball,quick shoulder rotation etc. Buildingup rythem of the bowler,

    1. John

      Great, cant wait!

  8. Aadhithya NR

    With 4 years of experience im looking forward to enter cricket niw . Couldnt find a better place than this

  9. Sendhil Kumar

    Looking forward for the seminar..

  10. Naveen

    I want to be a fastest bowler in the world Cricket

    1. Rj Agdalpen

      I would like to learn more about mu sports

  11. Colby

    Thank you for all the great content. I look forward to this presentation.


    Looking forward for this Webinar… Congratulation in advance…

  13. Jenssen

    Nice topic

  14. Agape Abarte

    I want to learn principles and frameworks on training athletes and the newest innovations for performance

  15. Ryan R. Mangali

    Hope to learn a lot of things in this webinar..

  16. Jhonny G. Naranja

    Thank you for this opportunity, im looking forward for this great session.

  17. Jumel Miller

    Looking forward for a new learning.

  18. Vivencio Esteban

    I’m very excited to aatend and learn

  19. Aldous

    Looking forward

  20. Natasha Betina Lazo

    This will be an interesting topic!

  21. Josh

    Looking forward to the seminar

  22. Mel Putong

    Looking forward to the webinar….thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  23. Lionell Karjay R. Dayag

    looking forward for the seminar

  24. Limuel O. Abellanida Jr.

    Happy to be part of the webinar

  25. Limuel O. Abellanida Jr.

    Happy to be part of this webinar

  26. Immanuel Seth De Guzman



    Looking forward to learn more with this webinar.

  28. Prudence A. Palon

    Looking forward for the webinar and upcoming other webinar,thank you!

  29. Christian Garcia

    Happy to be part of this webinar

  30. Arianne Mae Arevalo

    Looking forward for the webinar. I am excited to be join the webinar. New learning acquisition for me.

  31. Michael M. Diaz

    Excited to attend the webinar… thank you and more power!

  32. Quennie Rose Gelig

    looking forward fot the seminar

  33. Nicolai

    Looking forward to this webinar

  34. Mark Vincent Manlangit

    Excited to partake to this webinar.

  35. Nina Serafico

    Looking forward to the webinar.

  36. Jerry Lazaro

    Excited for this webinar wherein i can learn other drills and routines to improve the skills and performance of my players in badminton….thanks for the opportunity to be part of this webinar..Godbless

  37. Maribeth B. Lastrollo

    Hoping to learned more and acquire knowledge from this webinar.

  38. Bhinzent Jace Tulop

    Looking forward to this webinar.


    Looking forward for this webinar. This will help my skill as a coach. GOD BLESS

  40. Juan Miguel E Victorino Parada National High School


  41. Andy

    Looking forward to it!

  42. Christian Alou

    Can’t wait

  43. Robert M. Victorio

    Thank you very much for the invitation..

  44. John kang

    looking forward to gain more knowledge

  45. Manu Hoques

    This is great! I have had the privilege to work with athletes using the Lila Exogen Suit and looking forward to this webinar.

  46. Pawel Oracz

    Cant wait!

  47. Mohammad Faruk

    Thank you for invitation

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  49. Chris Marrs

    Looking forward to seminar and advancing my knowledge in developing players performance

    1. LILA

      Hello Chris, good day to you! Yes, see you soon!

  50. Prof Toho Cholik Mutohir

    The information about how to join the webinar should be explicitly mentioned that one should REGISTER first and the closing date of registration

    1. LILA

      Hello Prof Toho, thank you for the feedback! Will incorporate it for our next one 🙂

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