The golf swing is a technical action involving multiple moving parts which require many hours of practice and repetition to perfect or even marginally improve technique. Using EXOGEN® for golf has the ability to drastically reduce the time required to perfect or improve some of the more intricate movements required in the golf swing.

Predominantly driven by the larger muscles of the lower body and the core, when timed correctly, a golfer can produce an incredible amount of ball speed.

What are EXOGEN® Forearm Sleeves?

How does it work? 


EXOGEN® FOREARM SLEEVES is the worlds most specific strength training technology. It combines a base compression layer worn on your target body part, to which you can apply the super thin, muscle contouring micro loads that come in 50g/100G/200g/300g (2/4/8/12 ounces) sizes. These micro loads can be applied to any part of the base layer making it fully adjustable, super comfortable and 100% individual for each person.

The simple starting kit for all golfers are the FOREARM SLEEVES which come in XXS-XXXL size. Loading dispersed over the arms is much more effective and natural than loading the club or using heavy loaded swing implements. The weight feels ‘internal’ not external and this allows you to use your actual playing clubs and focus on hitting the ball with technique, distance and accuracy. It just doesn’t get more specific.

EXOGEN® FOREARM SLEEVES are an ideal tool for training movements of the hand, wrist, and forearm. These offer great support for the forearm muscles and optimal loading for hand speed, grip strength, forearm endurance, and corrective skill loading. EXOGEN® provides a great solution for high-performance resistance training on the golf course, allowing complete control over the speed and pattern of movement ensuring to ensure optimal transfer to game performance and winning. 

More advanced golfers will love unilateral loading on the EXOGEN® Shorts and the Sleeveless Top to better feel the rotations required for maximum CHS. Beginner to intermediate golfers will love the feeling of distal loading the forearm sleeves to help feel more extension and width in their golf swings.



Strategically placed loads can help to understand supination and pronation of the forearms; required for maximum club head speed and to correct major ball flight issues. Increases in distance of up to 30-40 meters during their first trial have regularly been achieved from a multitude of golfers of varying skill levels.



How EXOGEN® improves performance




Macadam, Chau (23)


1. 7% significant increase in shot distance

2. 3.5% significant increase in club head speed

3. 7-11% improvements in relative vertical & mediolateral ground reaction forces

4. Resulting in 5-20 meter increases in shot distance while maintaining accuracy and consistency of flight path

* Increases distance of up to 10-20 meters during their first trial have regularly been achieved from a multitude of golfers of varying skill levels.


1.  EXOGEN® is a  golf swing specific method to acutely improve golf shot distance, club head speed and GRF

2. EXOGEN® may be a valuable training tool to increase rotational force and  velocity without unduly affecting swing mechanics without the loads  attached to the arms



How do I train with it?


You simply wear the EXOGEN® FOREARM SLEEVES during your training session and progressively add loads.

  1. Wear the sleeves on your forearms. It comes with a pair of sleeves for the left forearm and right forearm.
  2. Add the Fusiform loads to your forearms. You can change the placement of the loads and combinations of weight or follow our Loading guidelines.
  3. Follow our 4-6 Week Golf Training program to maximise your potential through EXOGEN® Wearable Resistance.


6 Weeks Golf Beginner Program with EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Forearm Sleeves with Rick Currin


Rick Currin joined the PGA of South Africa in 2003, and has since then traveled the globe teaching and playing the game of golf, finally settling in Malaysia, and has now been residing in Kuala Lumpur for over the better part of a decade. Prior to joining the PGA, Rick qualified in Sports Management along with a diploma in Personal Training.


Take a glimpse behind the scenes of Dr. Scott’s secret lab in this video by Be Better Golf..

Dr Scott K. Lynn has been involved with sport, physical activity, and exercise throughout his life. Dr. Scott has a PhD in orthopedic biomechanics and his research concentrated on examining the mechanical factors that are involved with the development and progression of knee osteoarthritis. Some of Dr Scott‘s work includes being a Co-Director for the Center for Sport Performance, Director of Research and Education for Swing Catalyst, Biomechanics consultant to Mad Apparel Inc., Biomechanics Section Editor – Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM), Associate Editor for Golf Science as well as Strength and Conditioning Journal. He is also a biomechanics consultant to many of the top golf coaches on the PGA tour. 




What are the features of EXOGEN® Forearm Sleeves / Sleeveless Top?


1. Fascial-Helix Construction™ Your body’s supportive fascial system is the inspiration for EXOGEN’s patented design. All construction lines, sewing seams and material panels follow your natural fascial structure to achieve one simple goal – great feel & support for uninhibited natural movement.

2. Integrated Thermo-regulation™ – EXOGEN was developed on the equator in one of the most extreme heat & humidity environments on the planet. Our patent-pending, cooling system includes;

i. Micro-cooling – SUNDri®  moisture management inner wicking layer finish quickly moves sweat and heat away from the skin to the outer layers. The 3M moisture management treatment helps wick away moisture and resist any stains.

ii. Meso-cooling – 3M SCOTCHGARD® wicking mesh allows maximal breathability in the intermediate sweat zones of the neck, chest, under-arm, lower back and groin. Mesh treated moisture technology ensures maximum transfer and breathability.

iii. Macro-cooling – Our patented Spirale-perforations allow direct skin-on-air evaporative cooling, rapidly funneling sweat and heat away from the body which directly improves evaporative cooling by over 20%.

3. Exoprene Material® – Our patented Exoprene® material blend offers Recycled PET, Scotchguard® material wicking finish performance, Aegis® eco-friendly microbial treatment and meets OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification for human safe materials. EXOGEN® ’s patented material combination meets current scientific standards for improving recovery and performance.


What comes with the EXOGEN® Forearm Sleeves  or the EXOGEN® Sleeveless Top?


When you order your kit, you will receive :

Pair of EXOGEN® FOREARM SLEEVES (left and right forearm) or the SLEEVELESS TOP

Set of Fusiform loads

Roll-up bag for loads and sleeves



The EXOGEN® FOREARM SLEEVES offer great support for the forearm muscles and optimal loading for hand speed, grip strength, forearm endurance for golf.



Improve your core, range of motion, rotational power, balance and endurance.

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