All EXOGEN products are fitted, stretchable compression garments. Please follow our guide below on how to get your correct measurement for your selected product. The material stretches’ and molds to your body over time.

First identify which EXOGEN product to choose for your sport. The next step is to measure your specific body part for that product. Use a measurement tape. Below are videos that explain and show how to measure your body part. Final step is to fill-in your measurement, either in inches or centimeters, into the size selector box or boxes on the product page of the EXOGEN product you have selected. Then press confirm size and the system will confirm the size.



Take all measurements at the correct location. Take 2-3 measurements to get an accurate number.
Don’t flex or tighten the muscles while measuring.

No really – DON’T FLEX, you will def get the wrong size! If between a cm / inch its better to round up to the next cm or half inch.

EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Sleeveless Top is the core of our EXOGEN line. Strengthen your core, from the inside out.

EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Shorts is the most advanced piece for your lower body. The shorts is designed for a firm fit and fascial support.

EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Calf Sleeves offer a great introductory experience into the world of Light Variable Resistance Training.

EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Forearm Sleeves are the ideal tool for training movements of the hand, wrist and forearm. 

EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Upper Arm Sleeves features optimal loading for high speed arm training.

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