EXOGEN Fitness Combo


The Fitness Combo, which includes the EXOGEN TOP and CALF  SLEEVES, provides loading options to directly target your weak areas. From posture and core support with the TOP and optimal stride efficiency with the CALFS, you’ll have everything needed to improve your overall fitness.


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Get Strong. Get Lean. Get Athletic.
Improve the way you move, transform the way you look and feel, with science …not gimmicks or shortcuts.

Target specific muscle and movements unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  With EXOGEN Wearable Resistance, just 17oz (500g) spread across your quads, glutes, calves for high-speed sprints, jumps and HIIT training can put MORE workload on your muscle than a slow moving 220lb (100kg) squat.

EXOGEN Wearable Resistance is the perfect tool for any fitness training whether it’s Bootcamp, CrossFit, F45, HIIT, Plyometrics or gym training.

Don’t change what you do, change what you wear.

Having a strong and fatigue-resistant body makes for efficient techniques that will keep you at the top of your game. And by adding wearable resistance to your training, will make you fitter, stronger and faster! The Fitness Combo (EXOGEN® TOP and CALF SLEEVES) provide an extremely relevant biomechanical and metabolic loading mechanism for your fitness journey.  

EXOGEN Top Strengthen your core, from the inside out. It offers unparalleled freedom of movement, equipped with Postural-Support Straps© which offer low-back support.

EXOGEN Calf Sleeves Providing support during and after training. Just a few hundred grams can boost speed, endurance, power performance significantly.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Increased cardio-endurance intensity 
  • Improved running posture and rotational control
  • Bodyweight based conditioning (tactical training, obstacle racing)
  • Sport specific loading 
  • Functional low back conditioning
  • Agility and lateral movement
  • Cross Fitness, Bootcamp and weight loss


The Fitness Combo includes:

  • The compression garments (The calfs product comes as a pair: Left & Right sleeves)
  • A set of Fusiform Loads for each EXOGEN product (total weight dependent on your selected size)
  • Rollup carry bag for each EXOGEN product

The design is unisex with sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL. EXOGEN garment piece is designed with compression to fit snugly onto your body  thus your size is dependent on your body measurements. When you place an order, we may ask you several questions about your: Size, Height, Weight, Gender to ensure you are fitted exactly to your body measurements.

If you are ordering for several people at once, the best thing to do is to order one item at a time by confirming the size first, click add to cart, then move on to the next product.

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Watch how to measure your chest.

Watch how to measure your calf.

View EXOGEN Safety Guidelines & Care Instructions.

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Open the Postural-Support Straps and ‘turn-in’ the Velcro tabs to the back.
2. Slide the garment on.
3. Enclose the Postural-Support Straps to a comfortable position.
4. Attach the loads (recommended to start light on first use).
5. Work out as usual!

If you feel the need for extra cooling or to release tension simply open the postural straps to immediate expose the rear air-vents. The straps can be left free or rolled out of the way to the rear. After serious effort this feels fantastic.


1. Open the straps and ‘turn-in’ the Velcro tabs to the back.
2. Determine left or right by looking at the label attached in between the straps.
3. Ensure the backbone of the sleeves is aligned to the middle-back of your calf.
4. Slide the garment on up until just below the knee.
5. Enclose the straps to a comfortable position.
6. Attach the loads (recommended to start light on first use).
7. Work out as usual!


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EXOGEN Fitness Combo

EXOGEN Fitness Combo