EXOGEN Forearm Sleeves – Striking Starter Kit


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This product comes as a pair of sleeves (left sleeve and right sleeve).

Improving strike technique, hand speed, power, and specific arm and shoulder muscular endurance are a training priority for combat athletes. Our EXOGEN® forearm sleeves are the perfect starting piece of wearable resistance to directly target these specific training parameters. EXOGEN® arm sleeves can be used in all specific combat strike training including, shadow work, pads, bag drills, partner drills, sparring and live fighting. There are no limitations, but always follow recommended safety guidelines in any partner or live combat situations.

Includes left and right Forearm Sleeves, user guide, mesh bag, complete set of loads and rollup carry bag.

Fusiform loads included based on product and sizeFusiform loads table - Forearm sleeves

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Finally an upgrade to old-school wrist weights. The EXOGEN® Wearable Resistance FOREARM SLEEVES is an ideal tool for training movements of the hand, wrist and forearm. They offer great support for the forearm muscles and optimal loading for hand speed, grip strength, forearm endurance and corrective skill loading for golf, racquet sports and martial arts. Sizes range from XXS to XXXL. Check sizing details below.

*All sleeves comes in pair

*Load placement and orientation are user determined and may differ from the photos


Our research continues to show the Wearable Resistance FOREARM SLEEVES is ground-breaking in their ability to provide both the optimal load and the optimal load orientation to directly target the muscles involved in the complex and critical movements of the hand, wrist and forearm. Key features and benefits include:

Light Variable Resistance © Training for the wrist and elbow flexors, extensors, internal and external rotators for;

  • Maximal punch speed, power and accuracy
  • Golf stroke hook and slice correction
  • Tennis/squash racquet control and power
  • Hockey stick speed and control
  • Bat speed and control
  • Badminton wrist /elbow speed
  • Grip and arm strength for climbing, Cross-fit


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EXOGEN Forearm Sleeves – Striking Starter Kit

EXOGEN Forearm Sleeves – Striking Starter Kit