EXOGEN Fullarm Sleeves


EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Full Arm Sleeves set the standard in both upper and lower arm loading options for specific arm strength. They come in a pair and provides a highly effective tool for achieving high speed arm training especially for combat and racquet sports.


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This package includes:

  • The compression garment (This product comes as a pair: Left & Right sleeves)
  • A set of Fusiform Loads (total weight dependent on your selected size)
  • Rollup carry bag
  • User Guide *online

The design is unisex with sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL. EXOGEN garment piece is designed to fit snugly onto your body thus your size is dependent on your body measurements. When you place an order, we may ask you several questions about your: Size, Height, Weight, Gender.

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View EXOGEN Safety Guidelines & Care Instructions.

View EXOGEN User Guide.

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1. Open the straps and ‘turn-in’ the Velcro tabs to the back.
2. Determine left or right by looking at the label attached in between the straps.
3. Ensure the backbone of the sleeves is aligned to the middle-back of your arm.
4. Slide the garment on up until just below the shoulder.
5. Enclose the straps to a comfortable position.
6. Attach the loads (recommended to start light on first use).
7. Work out as usual!


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EXOGEN Fullarm Sleeves

EXOGEN Fullarm Sleeves