EXOGEN Limb Combo


EXOGEN LIMB COMBO is both a great starting point price and time-wise but also the perfect introduction to wearable resistance in your training. For athletes and people with limited time but a desire to see and feel an immediate benefit. These two EXOGEN products CALF and FOREARM provide just the right amount of loading for your whole body sport or activity. Training both the arms and legs as well as the joints of the shoulder and hip.


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EXOGEN® Combos are designed to introduce athletes to the world of high performance wearable resistance in a cost effective and time effective manner while still providing direct and noticeable benefits to your sport/activity performance. The Limb Combo, which includes the Wearable Resistance  FOREARM and CALF SLEEVES, provides loading options to directly target any and all of these. These two EXOGEN pieces provide just the right amount of loading for your whole body sport or activity. You will learn loading guidelines, specific progression and the use of wearable resistance technology for skill improvement as a first step in your EXOGEN® Combo experience. Once you get familiarized with wearable resistance, we will recommend the next product options to continue to improve.

The Limb Combo includes:

  • EXOGEN  Forearm Sleeves
  • EXOGEN  Calf Sleeves
  • Micro Loads™ 
  • Roll-up Bag
  • User Guide *online


These two pieces are great for these sports:

-Combat sports especially strikers (boxing, muay thai, karate) where punch and kick power and speed are critical, as well as specific endurance in the arms and shoulders and footwork in the legs; easy to use and compatible with bags, pads and sparring work

-Team sports with upper and lower body focus (ice hockey, rugby, basketball, field hockey, Gridiron, lacrosse, speed 

-Racquet sports – tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, 

-Rock climbing, snowboarding, parkour

-Diving, gymnastics, trampoline, 

-Keepers and goaltenders all sport



•Target training for the calf, ankle & knee

•Enhanced running mechanics & economy

•Maximal kick power and flexibility

•Adductor engagement and strengthening

•Improved cycling power and cadence

•Foot speed and lateral agility

•Enhanced metabolic conditioning

•Compression for recovery & regeneration


Sizes range from XXS  to XXXL.

When you add the product to your cart we ask you several questions about your:

Size / Height / Weight / Gender


These help check that you have exactly the right size to ensure peak performance.  If you are ordering for several people at once the best thing to do is to order one item at a time – completing the details and then adding the next product to your cart.

If you need guidance on how to take your measurement or size, click HERE

*All sleeves come as a pair

*Load placement and orientation are user-determined and may differ from the photos

Additional information


1. Fascial-Helix Construction™ Your body’s supportive fascial system is the inspiration for EXOGEN’s patent-pending design. All construction lines, sewing seams and material panels follow your natural fascial structure to achieve one simple goal – great feel & support for uninhibited natural movement.

2. Integrated Thermo-regulation™ – EXOGEN was developed on the equator in one of the most extreme heat & humidity environments on the planet. Our patent-pending, cooling system includes;
i. Micro-cooling – Perforated spirales which directly increase evaporative cooling by 20%
ii. Meso-cooling – COOLMAX® mesh for comfort in your high heat zones
iii. Macro-cooling – High performance inner wicking layer moves sweat away quickly

3. Exoprene Material™ – Our patent-pending Exoprene™ material blend offers Scotchguard® material performance, Aegis® eco-friendly microbial treatment and meets OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification for human safe materials.


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EXOGEN Limb Combo

EXOGEN Limb Combo