Acute Study: Wearable Resistance Acutely Enhances Club Head Speed in Female Skilled Golfers

Paul Macadam, Anita Chau, John Cronin

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Purpose Statement:

To investigate the effects of WR on golf swing performance in highly skilled female golfers.



WR of ~3% BM was attached laterally to the posterior of the upper and lower body (Figure 23) on five highly skilled female golfers. Each subject performed 10 shots unloaded and 10 shots with WR in a randomised order.


Figure 23: Lateral and posteriorly loaded upper and lower body WR of ~3% BM



Key Findings:

  1. Significant acute increases were found in shot distance (7%) and club head speed (3.5%)
  2. Relative vertical GRF (11.4%, lead side), and relative mediolateral GRF (7.1%, trail side) were significantly increased with WR as compared to the unloaded condition.


Practical Applications:

  1. A golf swing specific method to acutely improve golf shot distance, club head speed and GRF.
  2. May be a training tool to increase rotational force and velocity without unduly affecting swing mechanics without the loads attached to the arms.


First Published July 19, 2019 Research Article

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