Blog By Coach Dr Aaron Uthoff

Dr Aaron Uthoff from Auckland University of Technology and the Sport Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) talks about Wearable Resistance for Sprinting

When it comes to sprinting, you don’t want to just go full bore and start sprinting. You’re gonna pull a muscle that way. Instead, here’s an easy method that you can use to make sure that your muscles are primed and ready to go and that’s using the RAMP method. Now the RAMP stands for:

Raising the muscle and core temperature

Activating the muscles necessary for your action in this case sprinting

Mobilizing those muscles make sure you’re not gonna get any poles or strains



Potentiating is making sure that your muscles and your tendons are ready to rock and roll in order to optimize your sprinting performance. Let me show you some of these drills. All you need for your warmup is 20 meters of field with a couple of
cones set up and your LILA EXOGEN Calf Sleeves with a bit of load placed proximately and posteriorly. What we’re gonna start with is we’re gonna start with the “R” in that ramp.

We’re gonna raise our core temperature, we’re gonna do that with 4 exercises. Those exercises are A-Skip with hugs, those exercises are dissociated skipping, dissociated running and a retreating skip. Check these out. Now that your muscles are warmed up, the core temperature is raised, you might be breathing a little bit harder, it’s time to get those muscles activated. I will take you through 4 exercises to do that.

The first one is a leg hug and hold to get the anterior muscles of your body going. The second one is a sprinters lunge to get the posterior muscles working. The third one is a hip lock making sure you’re getting that stability around that center of mass and
finally you’re gonna do a glute pop to make sure that those muscles are primed before you potentiate.

Activate Muscles:

Leg hug and hold 1x 5-8 reps each leg

Sprinter Lunge 1x 5-8 reps each leg

Hip lock 2x 5m each leg

Glute pop 2x 10 each leg


Now that you’ve raised and you’ve activated, it’s time to mobilize. You want to mobilize the main portions of your body that you’re gonna be using for the sprint and that’s primarily your hamstrings, your quads, your glutes and your hips. Let me show you those exercises. You’ve raised your core temperature, you’ve activated those muscles you’ve mobilized and gotten ready, now it’s time to potentiate. When it comes to potentiating, we’re trying to increase the intensity in the warm-up in order to get ready to max effort sprinting. How we’re gonna do that is we’re gonna do that through some ankle pops, we’re gonna do that through some gallops, skips for height and finally building up in order to get ready to maximum sprint. Check out.