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The more often we can train the skill, either complete or in part in different conditions the more probability of a positive transfer of training. The future of specific special strength is WEARABLES

Wearables is one of the ways to add variability to training. 

To truly understand how we should train fast bowlers we need to understand ROTATIONAL INERTIA, the impact one segment has on the other and how external loading on the preceding segment /node will increase the angular momentum and ultimate ball velocity on the more distal aspects.



Fast bowling is all about sequential acceleration and the understanding of Proximodistal sequencing.

By adding load on the thigh, trunk , upper arm and forearm, each carefully worked out , arm speed increases exponentially. @motusglobal



High ball release speeds and specific / special strength with WEARABLES

‘Skilled throwers are able to generate high ball release speeds by transferring angular momentum from their proximal segments to their distal neighbours (Putnam, 1993). Due to the inertial parameters of each body segment along the kinetic chain, humans manage to increase the angular velocity of the distal segments as the proximal segments slow down (Chu et al., 2016).

Throwers generate high amounts of linear and angular momentum through rotation of the trunk segment during the arm cocking and acceleration phases (Lin, Su, Nakamura, & Chao, 2003), which are caused by the heavy mass of the trunk. The trunk segment accounts for around 43% to 50% of the total body mass (de Leva, 1996; Dempster, 1955).

Due to conservation of angular momentum, the angular velocity of the lighter upper arm segment increases. The same principle applies between the upper arm and the forearm, and between the forearm and the hand. The mass of the arm segments are substantially lower than the mass of the trunk. Upper mass is 3% body mass, forearm 2% and hand 0.5% (De Leva ‘96, Dempsey ‘55)’


By using Wearables we can use physics to overload the complete bowling sequence. This is the ultimate transferable training method and can be used during match practice to truly create a positive transfer of training.

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