The number one question we get asked all the time is, “What is EXOGEN?”

Our generic answer is EXOGEN is wearable resistance. It’s a category we’ve kind of created. We’re not the first wearable resistance product on the market. The first generation of wearable resistance is literally those wrist weights and ankle weights that you used to use for the last 40-50 years. New technologies came in like weighted vests and other products that were “wearable”. And today that’s taken a massive jump in tech.

                                    Joe Dolcetti, CEO and Founder of LILA, talks about EXOGEN® Wearable Resistance


Now wearable (resistance) with the EXOGEN suit is simply a much more organic, movement-friendly form of resistance and you apply directly to the body via some form of clothing. Hence the name “Wearable Resistance”. The uniqueness about EXOGEN is that it’s not the first piece of wearable resistance on the market but it’s without a doubt the most specific, adjustable, progressive and individualizable, if that’s a word piece of wearable resistance in the market today.

What that means is, you can customise it not only to you and your size, your gender, your age and whatever specific needs you have but it’s integrated and customizable to your movement.

With loading as light as 50 grams or 2 ounces, up to about 10% of body weight; we have the ability to affect movement mechanics in a way nothing else can do on the market today. But more importantly, we’ve never had in the strength of conditioning, in the coaching field and that’s what makes the technology kind of exciting is we’re not just talking about resistance training vs first strength and speed and power anymore. We’re now talking about resistance training being a coaching tool and a movement tool.

In a simple scenario, take a look at a car tyre. We’ve all have our cars and once or twice a year, we go down to the shop. We get our tyres rebalanced. You’ve got a 20-30kg / 50-60lbs tire and they take a 5g, you know 1/8oz weight and they put that on that tyre to make that tyre balanced and that tiny little weight in the right position changes everything.

When those weights are not there, the system the movement of that wheel because of its rotational nature is out of balance. The weight in the right place changes everything, perfects that motion, perfects that movement.

You’ve got clean, high-efficiency movement and you drive with better gas performance, better speed, better everything. The body’s just like that because human movement is rotational. I may have a linear outcome like a punch but it’s as a result of rotations around joints. So, small incremental changes and placements of weight or load, in different parts of the body is exactly like that small balancing weight on your car tyre.

This is one thing we’ve learned in the long journey of EXOGEN now, which is 16 years into the making is that, what’s more important in today’s world of resistance training than how much load you’re using, which is how traditional resistance thinks. What’s more important is where that load is. I hope we encourage you to kind of keep following along this journey, take some time to learn a little bit more about wearable resistance and like I said, we’re in the process now of changing movement. Not just muscle mechanics that’s the introduction of wearable resistance that hopefully helps you understand what we here at LILA have been trying to do and are doing with great people all over the world.

Stay tuned, keep learning. Will talk to you soon!


CEO and Founder
Sports Scientist, High Performance Coach

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